Our Team

Katlyn Clifton

Executive Director, MA, COS

Here at CTandM, we offer wonderful opportunities for seniors. In the retirement season of life, they deserve to feel confident in their independence, rejuvenated in their sociability, and secure with affordable housing as a viable option. It's important that the community knows our brand and exactly what we have to offer. We strive for stellar customer service to enrich the lives of our clients and the community. In both our programs and our outreach to the community, my team and I are committed to making a difference in aging services.


Taylor Adcock

Administrative Coordinator

We believe that retirement should be a time of  well-deserved fun! In an effort to keep morale high  and rejuvenate a sense of comradery, we offer  our clients a gamut of different events. 

Our social programs are designed to keep seniors  engaged with each other and the community. A host of business professionals and service providers can  be found on our campus doing educational seminars,  or hosting a fun event. Be sure to find us on Facebook,  using #CTandM and #CTActivities. You’ll see our photos and some great information!


Jasmine Perry

Service Coordinator, BSW

We understand that aging is overwhelming for a great number of people. The differences between Medicare and Medicaid alone are frustrating, not to mention the paperwork that each one requires. Within the Service Coordination program, I am able to educate and offer support in several areas.

  • Advocacy for Insurance
  • Professional Referrals
  • Entitlement Programs
  • Transition Care
  • Resident Relationships
  • Long-Term Planning

Jeff Green

Maintenance Director, CMM

We find it beneficial when seniors can retire and not worry about the hassle and upkeep of property. With our maintenance program, seniors can feel secure that there is a helping hand. At no additional cost, our residents receive personal service and over 30 years of experience from our maintenance department.


Danielle Lyons

Administrative Representative, COS

We know that retirement can be financially frustrating. By partnering with the Department of U.S. Housing and Urban Development, we are proud to offer housing for seniors that is affordable and filled with amenities. Fees are based on income and specific to each resident. Each year, our residents work with me to recertify these benefits. I am happy to oversee this process for each person because this portion of our program truly makes a difference.


Amanda McAlister

Hospitality Coordinator

We care about the life that our clients experience, and help navigate a journey to successful aging. Hospitality is one way that we are able to extend gratitude, sympathy, or celebrate with each milestone. Our attitude of hospitality starts with reverence and esteem for the older adult and results in a holistic approach to care.